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Once you have the necessary test scores, you will need to review the admission application forms, transcripts from high school (or the foreign equivalent, along with an official US evaluation of the foreign credits), and sometimes an essay. Some schools also have their own admission tests that you must take. Whether or not you are granted admission will depend on all these factors, especially the grades you have gotten in the past, and your test scores. There is almost always an application fee that must be enclosed before your application can be considered. You should use a cashier's check, money order or personal check from a US bank or Online system to pay the fees, or, if they accept credit cards, that's an option.

In addition to the application form and fee, the following documents must also be sent:

Academic Records

Certified, official transcripts (both original and English translations of all university courses which have been completed or attempted). The undergraduate transcript should indicate the degree earned. Copies should be sent directly to office by the Registrar of your undergraduate and/or graduate university or institute.

Letters of Recommendation

Submit two letters in support of your application or two completed reference forms (provided by the Office of Graduate and Continuing Education) directly to the college from academic advisers, teachers, or sponsors.

Proof of English Proficiency

International students applying to US Colleges require to submit English skill score. For this score in Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score, and IELTS are proof of your English proficiency will be helpful. Submit recent English test score.

Affidavit of Financial Support

You will need to prepare an Affidavit of Financial Support and Bank Statement in order to qualify for a student visa. The school will also require this before accepting an international student. In short, you need to prove that you can pay the cost of attending your college, and the cost of living while in the US. This form must also include an attached bank statement to show that you have the funds. Everything needs to be an original, not a copy, so make copies for yourself.

When sending so many important documents, including originals, it's best to send them by express, registered or certified mail. Check the school's requirements and what they accept.
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