Financial Aid for Foreign Students

There are various funding options available to the international students which include grants, scholarships, loans and work/study options. Make time to research the free funding opportunities available to you. Before applying for the loan you should exhaust the following potential funding sources:
  • Apply to financial aid office of the colleges
  • Explore home country funding options
  • Work/Study
  • Best Bargains
Apply to financial aid office of the colleges
To seek help with funding for higher education, you should first contact the financial aid office at the college or university you plan to attend. Universities and colleges give the contact address of financial aid offices on their websites. Take help from the education advisor of the college; learn from him available financial aid for international students and eligibility criteria of availing them. You must remember that financial aid for the US student is separate from international student. Be sure to tell the admission office, your country of citizenship and request information on financial aid available to non-U.S. citizens. If offered, financial aid is usually made up of a number of different types of assistance, including grants and scholarships and occasionally loans or part-time work programs.

Financial assistance from colleges is awarded at the beginning of the academic year and is rarely available for students entering mid-year in January or at other times. More aid is available for freshman students than for those transferring in from other institutions. Students who have already proven themselves at a college may find it easier to obtain financial assistance from that college than new students.

Explore home country funding options

Conduct research at home to find possible funding from local government, corporate, or foundation sources. Although, these sources are not found in all countries, you could reduce your educational cost with scholarships from local organizations.

Work-Study Options

Work-Study awards a part-time job to eligible students to work on off-campus work opportunities which may include jobs with a non-profit organization or position related to your academic interest. You should contact your school's financial aid office for specific information.

More than 75% of all full-time students studying in U.S. colleges and universities hold at least part-time jobs. If you are coming to the U.S.A. for more than a short course or exchange, it is likely that you will have an F-1 visa. With this type of visa you may qualify for work/study programs at your college or university.

Click here for more funding options available in the US for higher study.
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