How to overcome homesickness

Preparing to study abroad in the United States? Is your mind filled with questions like:
  • How will I interact with people of different cultures and backgrounds?
  • What to do when I feel homesick?
  • Can I be a part of the US culture? 
Now that you have got admission in the US, your BIG US DREAM is fulfilled. But probably once you arrive in the host country, you might start feeling homesick sooner than you expected. Here are some of the ways by which you can conquer homesickness:

You are not the only one

If you are missing home, do not be ashamed of it. Remember, you are not the only one to feel homesick. There would be many others like who would be missing their home, family and friends. Openly talk with friends, student counselors or even teachers.

Remember your family and friends back home

Do not avoid the thought that you are feeling homesick. You can hang some photographs of your happy days back home in your room, create a blog and above all stay connected. Send mails, chat with friends and even call them up sometimes.

Make friends

Make new friends, talk to students of your home country or simply explore the city. Do not make your stay difficult by maintaining a fixed routine like home and university and back home. Mix well with the local students to get an understanding of the school campus and the surrounding.

Join clubs

A good way of relaxing is to join different clubs of your university. US universities have clubs of varied interests like theater club, adventure club, music club, reading club, environment club and so on.

The mantra of studying abroad is Plan, Relax, Communicate and at the end of everything Study Hard, Study Smart!
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