Tips for International Students

As an international student in the US, the most important aspect is preparation – both physical and mental.  Physical preparation could be confusing and demanding at times. You have to remember many things and pack it in a very short time in most cases. You cannot afford to miss out on important documents or even clothes which could be expensive in the US.

Pack wisely

Pack only what you need immediately and things that would be expensive. Do not add things that would unnecessarily increase your baggage weight. Do not forget to check the climate of the place. An average weather forecast of the university town will help you understand the kind of weather you can expect during your semester. If you feel you need heavy woolens, it is always advisable to buy in the host country rather than purchasing from home. All major study destinations have flea markets and cheap shopping centers.


Passport, student visa, examination documents and admission proof are essential documents for a student. You should have your passport ready even before you apply to any university in the US.  Make photocopies of your passport and visa and keep one set with your family back home, one with the student counselor and at least two copies with you. Keep it separately from the original, so that even if the original gets lost, the photocopies will help you prepare the original. Most importantly, remember to carry your scholarship and financial aid documents.


Remember to carry all your medical documents. Get all your immunizations before departure and carry your immunization records as well. It is also advisable to carry emergency medicines, over the counter medicines for cold and flu. You will have to make your health insurance done before leaving or you can get it done through your school’s medical office.

Money Matters

Apply for scholarships in all the colleges in the US that you have applied. All schools in the US offers both need and merit based scholarships.


Most colleges in the US have their own residencies. You should opt for campus accommodation as it is not only safe but convenient and cheap as well. You can also opt for off-campus accommodation but you should do your research very carefully before moving in.
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