US Accommodation for International Students

Life as International Student in America may be a very different experience than you are used to. Students come from all over the world and of course, from different states of the United States so you will be a part of mix of different communities in America. There are clubs, sororities and fraternities available on campus. These associations are often excellent ways to make friends. Most of the universities have an International Student Club or Association which enable students connect with each other and will help ease your transition.

American people are very polite, and friendly; you will make many American friends and that too from different parts of the world, be it your college campus or outside. Universities and colleges in America have various communities doing different tasks; you can join one such community to be a part of the gang. Different cities in America also have communities from different regions of the world, being a part of these communities will give you home like comfort.

Sports, Recreation and Entertainment

During your stay in the United States you will enjoy a number of sporting, recreational and entertaining events. All states arrange for such events with colleges and universities of which you can be a part. You will also find friends from all parts of the world. Your union with people from different geographies will enhance your skills, attitude and lifestyle. You will learn a lot about different cultures and communities.


Accommodation is one of the most important factor that you require considering before leaving for the United States. A suitable housing will play vital role towards your successful studies and stay in the US. You may try following types of accommodations when you arrive in the US.

Temporary Accommodation - If you are reaching your college before the date you can accommodate in your permanent house, stay in some hotels or motels for a few days. If you want to save a  few dollars, prefer staying in the ‘Budget’ hotels or motels. Local YMCA or YWCA Youth Hostels, International houses, with current students of the university or with local families is a few other options to consider. Few universities provide temporary residence. You may contact your student advisor in advance who may guide you on housing issues.

Campus Housing - Universities provides dormitories sometimes called Dorms equipped with necessary utilities like, bed, shelves, table, chair etc. Generally, Dorms have food canteen where you can eat what you want. Dorms may also accommodate a small kitchen where you can cook your food if you don’t’ like to eat food in the canteen.

Accommodations for married couples are also provided at higher levels. You may have options to choose Co-ed or Single Sex dorm. Normally, the demand for campus housing is very high and it is difficult getting accommodations. You are advised to apply for Dorm stay as soon as your application is accepted for admission. You can get help from student advisor of the university in the issues related to campus housing.

Off-Campus Housing- Don’t loss heart if you can not get a seat in one of the university dorms, you can stay in the local by renting a house. You may browse local newspaper to find one such accommodation. Your advisor will also help you in getting one such house. When staying Off-Campus, check for public transport if available. Also try not to stay far from the university so that you can reach campus in less time, as you may need to attend classes, tuition and may require doing work to pay for your tuition fees.

The commuting facilities are good in all the US cities. Travel between cities can be taken by air, rail, road or bus. The country has hundreds of airports with regular internal flights, whilst the national bus network is also very efficient and reliable.

Public transport is also good in nearly all major cities. Bus is usually the easiest option, although in some of the busier cities - New York a prime example - the subway will be a better option.

Private transports like taxis, cars etc. are available as and when you need. However, you should check for public transport if planning to stay outside campus or need going outside work. Using public transport, you will save hundreds of dollars paying for other needs.

Safety Issues

Safety is one of the important issue about which you must know. Your college will help you knowing state rules and safety rules. For example, if you have to drive a car then you must avail driving license and should know the traffic rules of the state. Also must keep handy the emergency numbers like - local police, hospital, fire etc. This may help you in many ways when need arise. May be you need to help someone in need.
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