K-12 Admission Blues

If you are parent and having sleepless nights and restless days over your child's admission in the best schools, then you are at the right place. We help you with the complete information about the test that your child needs to take and the type of school he/she best fits into. You can get the complete information about the test just by clicking at the links below and can help your child to prepare accordingly to secure a seat for himself or herself in the desired school.
The admissions to the schools in the US are done through standardized testing. Below is the list of the standardized test that one needs to take admission  in the best  schools:

Tips for parents to help the child crack the admission test

Every parent dreams that their child should perform well in school. Performance of your child in school is a long term process and you as a parent play an important role in building his/her career. We at USeducation.info have come up with some tips which can help you to help your child. The most important way to help improve your child’s academic performance is to be supportive and reflect a positive outlook. Negative outlooks can sometimes be transferred to children and can affect the academic performance.
  • Discuss your child’s academic performance with him or her.
  • Encourage your child to ask questions about the things they do not understand 
  • Show interest in your child’s  academic activities like homework. Make sure it is complete.
  • Provide a peaceful, calm, quiet and comfortable study place.
  • Regularly attend parents teacher meeting.
  • Encourage your child to set goals. 
Keep motivating, remember there are no shortcuts to success therefore, it is necessary that your child is focused and show dedication in the long run. Getting through the test is a long term process and parents play an important role.
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