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In the US, there are almost over 7,000 higher education institutions in the US which includes 2,774 four-year degree-granting institutions and 1,721 two-year institutions. You can guide your child to the right type of institution that would suit his or her needs.

Liberal Arts Colleges

The US is popular for liberal arts colleges. Though, students of liberal arts colleges acquire a major in a particular discipline, they receive exposure in subjects like history, philosophy, religion, literature, physical sciences, social sciences, languages, and mathematics. For more information on liberal arts colleges, click here.

Community Colleges

Community colleges are an excellent way of continuing your higher education at a low cost. You can encourage your child to join a community college if he or she is unable to get into an undergraduate college of his or her choice. There are 1,132 community colleges in the US offering academic skills to fast track your career growth. Community Colleges offer two-year associate degrees, one-year certificates, and short career studies certificates.Click here to learn more on community colleges.

Undergraduate Colleges

In the United States, most undergraduate education takes place at four-year colleges or universities. These colleges offer bachelor’s degree after completion of the undergraduate program. For details on undergraduate programs and admission to these programs, click here.

Students in the US can choose from a variety of courses which can be broadly classified as Arts and Humanities, Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Business Management and Services. For a comprehensive list of streams, click here.
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