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“The nation that leads the world in 21st century clean energy will be the nation that leads in the 21st century global economy. America can and must be that nation” – 44th US President Barack Obama

If you are the one who is really passionate about saving the Environment then you should “Go with Green Career”.  The fall in economy and concern of high energy cost is a matter of concern. The accelerated change to clean energy economy will help us see a better eco-friendly future. The Green Jobs are hot today; you can take advantage of this growing trend.

The requirement of whiz at the green technologies has been created across the globe. There are ample of training opportunities available for those who are interested in joining the green workforce. The growing use of green technologies will not only reduce the pollution but will also create green jobs in the country.

Are you still dicey about the decision of getting into green job? Let us help you decide about your future gig by which you can earn handsome salary and will make you a “Tree-Hugger” or eco-friendly in true sense. 

What is a “Green Career” or Job?

Before you move ahead to grab this break let us understand the meaning of Green Jobs.
Green Career or Green Jobs are the avenues that make products or render services that help in conserving nature and protect environment. This helps lowering the cost of production.

The two approaches used by BLS to measure green jobs are:

1. Output -jobs associated with the industries that produce green goods and services and,
2. Process -Jobs associated with the industries that uses environmental friendly production process.

Some examples of green goods can be energy generated from renewable sources like wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, hydropower, etc; energy efficient equipments. While green services can be technologies and practices to reduce pollution and waste release. U.S. leads in installed wind capacity and in solar energy sector by creating more variety of new jobs. 

Green Careers Job Prospects

U.S. needs more American scientists and engineers to develop more green or clean energy technologies. The green careers in energy efficiency exist for all education levels- ranging from high school graduate to college degree or doctorate. Pursuing green career helps you preserve your values and environment.

Technologies developed for commercial and personnel need to be operated and maintained by green skilled workers. Workers with the knowledge of green technologies are getting hired by many state and other agencies for handling the jobs like to conduct energy audit or to audit and reduce loss of energy in residential and commercial constructions.  More new green technology evolution will increase the supply of renewable energy.

Green Jobs in Industries

There are various industries which are working with green technologies. These provide jobs opportunities in different settings, some of them are listed below:
  • Solar – Solar Power Electrical Engineer, Environmental and Field Engineer, Industrial production Manager, Electrical Equipment Assembler, System Installer, System Designer
  • Biomass - Laboratory Technician, Chemical Equipment Operator, Chemical Engineer, Technician, Biofuels Plant Operator
  • Geothermal - Geothermal Heat Pump Installer, Power Plant Manufacturer, Power Plant Construction Worker, Power Plant Operator
  • Hydro-power - Technician, Operator, Environmental Scientist, Civil Engineer
  • Construction - Building Control Technician, Energy and Indoor Air Quality Auditor, Project Manager, Home Energy Rater, Building Retrofit Professional, Heating/ Air Conditioning Installer, Construction Equipment Operator, Insulation Worker
  • Wind -Windsmith, Electrician, Small Turbine Installer, Plant Operator, Manufacturing Manager, wind Energy Mechanic/ Technician, Wind Power Environmental Engineer, Industrial Machinery Mechanic
  • Vehicle and Battery – Factory Worker, Machine Operator, Automotive, Electrical Engineer, Process Engineer

Required Skills for Green Jobs

Many people think that they will require special skills and training to perform a green job. This is true to an extent because some green jobs require a specific training to be able to perform them, however, there are green jobs in every field and based on your set of skills you can choose any one of them. For pursuing green career one should have either generic experience with specialized training or should have pursued advanced green technical training. To avail better opportunities in green careers you can take on the job training or pursue more formal education. So, transition from traditional jobs to green jobs will not be as difficult as most people imagine.

Government has organized many education and training programs to develop green workers with the required green skills. You should posses the technical and soft skills like good learning skill, communication skills, problem solving skills, etc. Skills required for different type of jobs are mentioned below:

Mechanical Skills
Job – Manual Work (Mechanical Equipment Operator, HVAC system operator, etc.)
Requirement– Mechanical Knowledge and aptitude to perform tasks like – facility layout designing, etc.
Math Skills
Job – Statistical Analyst or Scientists or Engineers
Requirement – Advance Mathematics & Basic Mathematic knowledge to perform analytical or operational jobs (Drawing & Specification,  Expenditure Records, Program control tools operator, etc.)
Technical Skills
Job – Management Positions, Human Resource
Requirement – To evaluate, design, install, monitor, scientific, legal
Technical skills are a very broad group which is currently in demand and will always remain in demand.
Design Skills
Job – Engineer, Scientists, Architecture, IT
Requirement – Creativity, problem Solving, Critical thinking, etc.
Research and Analysis Skills
Project Management Skills
Marketing and Sales Skills

Green Employee Responsibilities

  • In a green job the employee responsibilities include making the operations more environmental friendly by minimizing or saving the natural resources.
  • To provide more energy efficient buildings or weatherized homes.
  • The green skilled workers install and maintain energy control system.

How to find Green Jobs?

You can search a green job posted or offered through different resources. The BLS has listed various occupation groups on its career website. Companies like Bureau of Land Management, GE Energy, UNITEK, JHON DEERE, AEROJET, SIMTANO, etc. offer green jobs. Make your workplace greener by utilizing your skills in greener ways. Go Green to preserve nature and future.
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