Top 5 Computer Careers in USA

For all the computer buffs who think seriously of having a computer and information technology as career, you will be happy to learn that there are bright prospects in this career and ample of choices before you.

No industry remains impervious to technology in this day and age. From banking to media, health care to manufacturing, all sectors use computer technology for most of their day-to-day functions-so it seems like the need for qualified and trained IT professionals is here to stay.

To become qualified IT professional you just need to equip yourself with computer degree programs. The degree programs are available at all levels right from Associates, Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate degrees. The level of education determines the knowledge you have gained and involvement of technology in your career profile. For example, a Master’s degree will qualify you for the role of an information systems manager, who plans and directs all IT-related activities in his or her firm.

But there is no dearth of jobs for the associate degree holders also you should have passion for what you are doing.

Because of the impact that technology plays on computer-related careers, it is important for you to stay abreast of technological changes as they occur by subscribing to industry journals and by maintaining certifications related to your specific line of work. It is also important for you to obtain a broad knowledge of business functions which will help you be more adaptable.

Here’s a quick look at Top 5 computer and technology careers that you can consider to start your career in IT.
1Computer Programmers
2 Database Administrators
3 Web Developers
4 Computer Systems Analysts
5 Information Security Analysts
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