Public schools Vs Private Schools

Public schools or private schools, which one is better? This  is the question that every parent has gone through or will go through in  their life time. We at after doing much research have prepared a table based on the facilities, class size, budget, administration support and teaching.

Public Schools
Private Schools
Government operated
Majority of the schools are operated by private organizations or religious institutions
Well paid teachers. Defined work tenure.
 Relatively underpaid teachers. No work term is defined.
 Big class size
Limited number of students
 Limited facilities
 Private school have better facilities as it is one way to attract students. Some schools have better infrastructure than colleges
 Public schools are funded by government, so any major change that takes place has to go through various phases and thereby, takes a lot of time for the change to actually happen..
 Lenient management structure. Adapt to new changes quickly as these schools are profit oriented.
 Less fees. The fees is fixed by government to accommodate more and more students.
 Each school has its own fees structure
Their mission is that every child has a right to be in an educational environment.
Different schools have different missions for instance : school for children with special needs, religious affiliations, children of royal families, parents seeking small class size.
 More transparent in policies and guidelines.
 Less transparency because they are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act..

Public school or private school, which one is better?. There is no specific answer. Both the type of school have their advantages and disadvantages. So, it is for you to decide which one suits your need the best.
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