Preschool Readiness

Time flew by and your little one just turned three years. Now, you are concerned about sending him to school. But is he really ready?

Sending your child to school is an important decision. The decision should be well thought and analyzed as it is a big transition in your child's life. Before you make the big decision you need to ask yourself, is your child physically, emotionally, socially and mentally ready to start preschool.

Age is an important factor while considering to send your child to school. In your mind you think he is ready but you are not sure. Before you decide to send your child to preschool, try considering the below mentioned points which will help you to decide if he is ready to take the first step to the classroom.

Age : According to some schools, preschool is two years before the kindergarten. Whereas some schools have fixed age for admitting children, generally it has to be three years. Though there are schools which will admit children as young as two years. Some children are ready for schooling at two years and some are not even ready at three years. As a parent, its up to you to decide that your child is ready to start preschool.

Able to express/convey : It is important that your child conveys his thoughts clearly and sensibly. Though it is understood that he will not be able to speak fluently but is he able to make people understand what is he trying to convey. He should be able to express his basic needs. In case he is unable to do so, then it is time to visit a speech therapist.

Stay at home parent : For working parents, it is not difficult to send  the child to school because the child is already used to living away from his parents. But in case when one parent stays at home, it is a good idea to leave the child with neighbors, friends, grand-parents for short periods. This will help the child to adjust when he joins the preschool.

Adaptability: Since preschool is the pre cursor of schedules, discipline, organization and routine life. Therefore it is a good idea that you start training your child of time limits, taking instructions and following them. This will help the child to adapt to the changes in preschool.

Ability to do small task: If your child is able to do small tasks like washing hands, able to eat food, pulling the zipper or put on shoes all by himself. Doing small task on his own is a signal that now your child has less dependency on his parents. Therefore ready to take bigger challenges in Preschool. 

Socially Active:  Does your child has siblings or lives with relatives, he is friendly, talks to other children and gels in play groups easily. Then he is ready for preschool. But if he is a reserve sort of child then you need to pay attention and work on him. Take him to the park, encourage him to do group activities and motivate him to do things on his own.

Sending your child to preschool is a personalized decision but it is important that whenever you decide to send your child to school, he should be prepared.  And if you feel that your child still needs time then waiting for another semester or another year should not be an issue.
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