College Admission: Early Action vs. Early Decision

Getting into the college is a serious business and adding to the woes are a lot of confusing queries that keep arising before and during the admission process. Before applying in colleges, it is important that students do not have any kind of confusion. Approximately two-third of the universities in US are now offering admission programs with choices between Early Action (EA) or Early Decision (ED).  Having the correct information can help you find the right college.

Early Action (EA) and Early decision (ED)- the major difference in this kind of admission program is that their deadline is earlier then the common types of admission programs. Candidates who apply under this category and get accepted enjoy a lot of benefits, some of them are:
  • They can relax and take up some difficult course to appear as now they don’t have to worry about the college. Taking a difficult "course" can be a highlight in their application. Students who otherwise would not have opted for the "course, for fear of scoring less can now take their chances.

  • Their family will have more time to arrange funds and look for a place to stay. By applying early parents can take care of the funds, can compare the fee structure, choose a college that suits their pocket, they can shift to a place which is near to college or make arrangements which is convenient for them and their children.

  • And most importantly, candidates have very good chances of getting accepted in the colleges as more and more colleges are choosing to give admission to the early applicants. In many colleges nearly 30-35% of the candidates selected are from early admission programs.
Limitations of Early Decision (ED )-But as nothing comes without a cost. The early admission programs do have its limitations - Early Decision  (ED)comes with a “binding” that once accepted in the college, they will have to attend the college with no option to leave. Candidates can apply to only one college under early admission process but they are free to apply under the normal admission process as many colleges they like. These programs are beneficial to the candidates who are very sure of the college, they wish to attend.

Early Action (EA) Programs-Admissions programs which do not ask for any kind of commitment from the candidates, if accepted are known as Early Action (EA) programs. On a serious note, this option is better as it comes without any sort of commitment and the candidates are free to apply in other colleges with the flexibility of comparing the financial aid offers before getting into the college.

Applying for early admissions is a personal choice but as it comes out that early admission has more advantages then normal admissions. Therefore, it is gaining wide popularity among colleges and students.
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