Extra-Curricular Activities for College Admission

College admission is not an easy task. Good grades, excellent score in standardized test, active involvement in activities beyond academics. Work experience and social service also play an integral part in getting admission to the college of your choice.

Though grades in high school and scores in standardized test are the most important factors, but over the years it has been witnessed that students who have excelled in extracurricular activities and have done some kind of internship, volunteer work  during summer holidays or do part-time work have been given preference.

Besides, admission officer wants to know- how you spend your down time, are you doing something meaningful? They want to know what type of talents, interests, and community based skills you have acquired in your high school years. Extra-curricular are important because they offer you an opportunity to show colleges that you are a well-rounded individual with leadership potential. However, if you have poor GPA with a ton of extra-curricular, it's not going compensate for a poor GPA. What you need is balance of both.

To stand out of the crowd, and improve your chances of getting admission in your desired college. It becomes almost mandatory that you participate actively in extracurricular activities. These activities can range from playing basketball to being a part of music band, fine arts to doing theater. Being a part of such activities boosts your confidence and improves your self esteem, teaches you leadership skill and working as a team. These skills that you learn during schools are the building stones for success in personal and professional life.

Your application should show how those extra-curricular activities have inspired you to do well; try to join things in high school that you might be interested in pursuing in college as well. Whatever extra-curricular activities you take up, choose them wisely.

Doing part-time job or summer internship, may initially give you some extra pocket money but it plays a very important role during admission in college. The authorities have maintained that students doing a job, shows dedication and responsible attitude required for success in professional career.

Volunteering work can include teaching the financially weak students, or serving food in church or doing cleaning or just helping the elderly gives the required push to your application during college admissions. College authorities have maintained that doing social service shows your sensitive side towards the community and mankind.

Getting admission in the college of your choice is a dream becoming a reality. But in today’s competitive age, it is important that you have some thing “extra” in your application to brighten your chances of getting in to the college.
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