Tips and Tricks for Preparing High School Tests

Getting into the best high school has never been so difficult. In the past few years the competition has increased so much that one needs to start planning early and act accordingly to secure seat in the high school of ones choice.
If you are in late elementary or middle school then its time to plan for some of the common tests like - ISEE, SSHAT and  GED. You can assess weak areas and put in motion appropriate plans to achieve substantial progress till you can actually appear for these tests. 

Preparing for the test

Test format : Knowing the test format prior can help you streamline your preparation.

Study material : Acquire the necessary material for the preparation before hand and start preparing.

Schedule: Make a schedule and study accordingly. The best way to study is to prepare in the reverse order. In this way you will not miss out your school studies and at the same time prepare for the entrance tests.

Talk to your seniors : talk to your seniors, ask them about their experiences. How did they prepare, mistakes they made and other related issues.

Parents: For any confusion, stress and moral support talk to your  parents.

Sleep early: You have been preparing for months now and tomorrow is the D-day. Its time you take some rest and be fresh in the morning. Sleeping early will do wonders rather then staying wake and doing preparations which will only increase your stress levels.

Computer friendly: In the last few days of the preparation, try practicing more on computer. Since the tests are computer based , getting familiar with QWERTY keyboard will prove beneficial.

Tips for the D-day

Read Instructions carefully: Understanding the directions for the questions beforehand will save a lot of time.

Keep moving :Don’t spend too much time on one question. Spending too much time on one question might cause you to lose your precious time. Instead move on to attempt the next questions.

Be patient: While attempting the questions maintain calm and try to be patient. Getting maximum marks in fixed duration should be your aim. In state of panic, one tends to attempt question incorrectly and loose marks.

Answering by elimination: While attempting questions if you are not sure of the answers then try and use the method of elimination. Eliminate options which you think cannot be the answers.

Prioritize your answers: When attempting the questions, give priority to the question in which you can score high.

No negative marking : If there is no penalty for wrong answers then never leave any question unanswered.

Eat healthy: On the D-day try have a mild breakfast. A heavy meal might make you sleepy, which is the last thing you want when attempting your test.

Arrive early at test center :Arriving at the test center before time is always beneficial. In fact, it is advised to reach the test center 30-45 minutes earlier than the examination schedule.

Comfortable clothing: Wear comfortable clothes that are suitable for all temperature. If you can carry then it is advisable you carry a jacket.

Checklist: Make a list of all the things you need for the test, It is always a good idea to arrange and keep everything ready the night before.

And lastly appearing for the test in a positive frame of mind is very important. Feeling optimistic and self-assured about the exam will decrease your stress levels and will help you concentrate and attempting the questions more efficiently and correctly. On the reverse note, If you enter the examination hall with a pessimistic approach and not sure of yourself, questions will seem all the more difficult. Keeping calm and being relaxed helps you to think positively and the questions, will appear to be easy. With a balanced approach and organized preparation you will be able to crack the test successfully for a better future of your choice.

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