AP - Fees

Advanced Placement test can cost from $87-120. Though, cost of each test is $87, but  depending on the fees added on by your high school. Some schools do offer financial assistance but you'll have to inquire and find out what's available.
  • For  exams taking place outside the United States, U.S. territories and commonwealths, and Canada, with the exception of U.S. Department of Defense Dependents Schools is $117 per exam.

  • The fees per exam may vary in some private College Board-authorized testing centers outside the United States. At times, students may take the test later then the usual date using an alternate form of the exam.

  • Depending on the reasons for taking the tes, later then the original date , schools may be charged an additional fee. The school may ask you to pay a  part of it  or complete fee.If you are taking the test at a school other then your own, the coordinator may ask you to pay fees to recover the additional administration costs

    Fee Reductions
  • Those with financial need can request for fee reduction, an amount of  $26 per exam are available from the College Board for students.

  • Schools give their $8 rebate for each fee-reduced exam, making the final fee for these students $53 per exam.

  • Many states offer exam subsidies to cover all or part of the remaining cost for eligible students.

  • Contact your AP Coordinator for the additional support that may be available to you.
Refunds: If you did not appear for the exam, then you can request for refund. School will determine the amount of the refund. Though, you may be asked to pay a fee  $13, a fee which the school is  charged for each unused exam.

Fees for score reporting services

Initial Score Report
 Scores by Phone  $8 per call
 Additional Score Reports by Phone  $15 per report
 Rush Score Reports  $25 per report
 Free-Response Booklets  $7 per booklet
 Multiple-Choice Re-score Service  $25 per exam
 Score Withholding  $10 per score/per college
 Score Cancellation  None

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