LSAT - Score

It is necessary to understand the scoring pattern of the exam so that a student can evaluate his performance.

Raw Scores:

  • The cumulative total of all the correct answer is called raw score.
  •  The raw score is then converted into the final score with the help of a conversion chart. 
Section-wise scores:
  • The four scored sections have 100 questions(approx).
  • Each section has around 24 -26 questions.
  • The maximum score is 180, which means in each section you can score around 45 marks. The minimum score being 120.
  • With two sections based on logical reasoning, the logical reasoning questions take half the credit for your scores.
There is no deduction for incorrect answers. For more details. Click here

Canceling your scores:

  • You can cancel your score on your answer sheet on the day of the test.
  • You can cancel it by sending a written  request to LSAC within six calendar days of the test.
Score Report:
  • The score report that is mailed/e-mailed to you. It will show your current test results, along with the results of all previous tests (maximum of 12) for which you were registered.
  • An average score is also calculated and reported when you have more than one reportable score.
  • Scores earned prior to June 2007 are not considered current for law school reporting and are not available for printing from your online account.

NOTE: Score-reporting policies are subject to change at any time.

Percentile Rank:
  • A percentile rank is also reported for each LSAT score-reflecting the percentage of candidates scoring below your reported test score.
  • The percentile for a score is based on the distribution of scores for the three-year period prior to the year in which the score is reported.
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