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The Miller Analogies Test (MAT)  uses analogies to test the logical ability of the candidates.  Mostly verbal analogies are tested, but a few quantitative analogies will also be included. 

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The Miller Analogies Test (MAT)

Tests your aptitude to establish relationships between English language, vocabulary and understanding of fine arts, history, philosophy literature, science and mathematics. Out of the 120 questions, there are 20 questions known as "experimental items". These 20 questions do not count towards your score. You will not know which are these experimental questions therefore, it becomes all the more necessary to focus on the entire test.

The Miller Analogy Test is composed of analogies. An analogy can be defined as a word coined to define the relationship between two words as the other two compared are related to each other.

For instance

Term X : Term Y:: Term A:Term B

Term X is related to Term Y in the same way as Term A is related to Term B

Types of relationships

 SemanticSynonym, Antonym, Meaning, Definition, Contrast, Degree, Intensity,Word parts,  Expression
 Classification Hierarchy, Classification, Membership,Category,Whole/part
 Association Order,Sequence, Agent/object,creator/creation,function,Purpose, Transformation
 Letter or Sound patterns, Mathematical equivalence

Topics included in the test

Topics Description
 General Culture, work, Business, Experience from life
 Humanities History, Fine Art, Literature,Philosophy,Religion,Music
 Mathematics Numeric,Quantitative, Competitive
 Language Vocabulary, Grammar, Language usage
 Natural Sciences
 Biology,Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Ecology
 Social Science
 Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Economics,Anthropology

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