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Miller Analogy Test, your personal report consist of your scaled score and the percentile rank you earned in the test . The scaled score and percentile score are derived from the "raw score". The raw score is the sum of the total number of questions you answered correctly.

Scaled score : scaled score ranges between 200–600.

Percentile ranks: percentile  ranges from 1 to 99 and indicate a candidate’s relative performance.

There is no fixed passing score, it entirely depends on the school you choose. Every school has a different pattern of accepting the scores.The score accepted by one school may be accepted  by another.

No score option: If at the time of taking the exam you choose the "No score option", then your score will not reported and you will receive a blank score report. In fact, there will be no record  of you ever taking the test.

If during the exam, you choose the "Do not process" button then your score will not be sent to any any (schools).

Your score is valid for 5years.

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