Information Systems Management: Top 10 Most Employable Majors

We live in a technological world where our technology footprint will continue to grow. Therefore, job opportunities in this field are predicted to grow faster than average by the BLS. Additionally, high demand for tech workers combined with relatively low supply (relative to all other workers out there) drive up the pay for these positions.
Nearly half of employers are looking for these majors to fill job positions, making management information systems (MIS) the sixth bachelor's degree in demand from the NACE study. Following given Quick Facts about Computer and Information Systems Managers according to BLS.Gov
  • 2021 Median Pay: $159,010 per year or $76.45 per hour
  • Typical Entry-Level Education: Bachelor's degree
  • Work Experience in a Related Occupation: 5 years or more
  • On-the-job Training: None
  • Number of Jobs, 2021: 509,100
  • Job Outlook, 2021-31: 16% (Much faster than average)
  • Employment Change, 2021-31: 82,400
There are many colleges and universities across United States to offer you Diploma, Degree and Post Graduate Degree. Both Public funded and privately owned institutions offer study programmes in Information Systems.

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