Major in Computer Engineering

The Computer Engineering Majors encompass various engineering aspects of software and hardware as well as the mathematical foundations of computations. Computer Engineering has two major facets: Computer Software and Computer Hardware.

Computer Software Engineering basically is developing, designing and testing the software. It deals with maintaining computer networks and programs for companies. Such engineers create an operating system, computer interfaces, programs and applications such as tablets, Smartphone’s etc. In today’s era, it is considered to be the fastest growing sector.

Computer Hardware Engineering deals with research, development and testing of hardware or computer accessories.

Depending upon the interests, the career in Computer Science and Engineering can be chosen. Those who have a bent towards programming and coding can go for computer software engineering major and those who prefer networking can opt for computer hardware engineering major.

Computer engineering majors provide ample job opportunities. It is considered one of the most high-paying jobs. Majoring in Computers opens a variety of careers. Computer engineering majors involve application of science and mathematics to get the solution of technical problems. This discipline offers people to develop modern and ingenious ways to harness the power of computing for solving complex problems. It has developed a scientific and practical approach in people. It has changed the lifestyle of people by the invention of high-tech gadgets, electronic appliances, telecommunication, etc., which all make use of Computer Engineering. The output of Computer Engineering Majors is flourishing. This area of study overwhelms you with opportunities to learn and grow. One can work in almost every industry with computer engineering major, from health care to banking, government sector, security and IT.

Why Computers as Major?

Prepares for Lavish and Secure Jobs

Studying computers as major provide ample job offers and high salaries. The average salary of a computer engineer in USA is approximately $90K per year. The highest Computer Software Engineering salary is $134,780, the average salary is $95,740 per year. The highest Computer Hardware Engineering salary is $149,824; the average salary is $102,480 per year. Figures given here are in approximation and taken from various sources. Your actual earnings may differ depending on type of job you do, skills and position in the organization etc. For example a network engineering head in a large size organization may earn very high salary in comparison to a networking engineer working for a company with servers and small infrastructure.

High Employability
Computer Engineering majors have a high rate of employability and will continue to benefit in coming years. These engineers analyze, design, develop and test computer software and hardware, an ever-evolving field that requires technological expertise, innovation and specialization.

Career Opportunities

With Computer Engineering majors, one can have various job titles-

Software engineers- they work with end users, stakeholders and customers to design and develop requirements and constraints.

Specialist- Computer Engineering majors provide a good background for consulting companies. One can work as a Computer Specialist wherein they work with developers and can represent company’s interest. Computer Support Specialist / IT Support Specialist / Technical Support Specialist / Computer Network Support Specialist are professionals who help non IT literate users in making use of computer and IT products.

Network Architect: One can work as a network/system architect wherein they can design and create solutions for the projects. Computer network architects or network engineers are workers responsible for building local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and intranets of an organization.

Tester: Helps in the testing phase of a software or hardware and plays a crucial role in the development and growth of a project.

Computer Programmers: Computer programmers are code writers for computer software programs; they derive codes that a computer can follow. Computer programmers work with program developers, engineers and scientists. They also possess capabilities to work as developer or designer.

Computer and Information Research Scientist: The computer and information research scientists work with complex algorithms to develop new technologies for the use in businesses, health sciences, space exploration, earth’s data mining, computing etc.

Database Administrators: Database administrators or DBAs in short are professionals who use software to store and organize data, for example customer records, logistics, stakeholder’s records etc. Data Security is also pure responsibility of DBAs. These professionals also employed for specific purposes as database architect, system architect, database maintenance engineer etc.

Web Developers: Web Developers are the professionals responsible for website development of company or its clienteles.

The study of this discipline makes our life simpler, smarter and safer. Computer Engineers protect and operates critical infrastructure thereby making day to day activities smooth.
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