Economics Major: Your Passport to a Lucrative Career

What is your major? This question over years and across several college campuses in the US is increasingly drawing a similar answer – Economics.
Economics has been one of the most popular majors at well known universities like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton for many consecutive years. The lust for economics degrees has spread to even those Ivies that are not known for producing budding young financiers. Economics is most sought after discipline. Career prospects are bright in this study area.  

 Why Economics as Major?

Prepares for Secure & High Paying Jobs

In a global economy besieged with uncertainties many students see study of economics as a key to security and a high paying job. The median salary of an economics graduate is approximately $ 90K per year.

Foster Professional Skills

Studying economics enhances professional skills for analytical approach to solutions, highly evolved numerical skill and ability to express complex ideas in cohesive and persuasive manner.

High Employability

Economics students among all students with humanities subjects have a higher rate of employability and lower unemployment rate during recession as per Georgetown University. For decades students have treated economics as a passport to jobs on Wall Street and in consulting. See the list of 10 Most Employable Career Majors

Jobs in Diverse Industry

Economics majors are found in a wide variety of careers after graduation and very often they are not in a position titled “economist”. They work in banking, insurance, investment, manufacturing, transportation, and mining industries to name a few. Several jobs with prestigious organizations like IMF, World Bank, UN, trade bodies and associations are for candidates with economics major. Many economists are hired by Federal, State and Local governments to work in their policy making and analysis wings. Many graduates pursue higher studies and work as academicians.

Take a peek into our guide on preparations needed to enter economics major right from  high school to what it takes to enter the best grad schools. You can browse through all the information required to study Economics at various levels.
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