High School Tips to Prepare for Journalism Major

Journalism is one of the most coveted major subjects throughout the US. To get admission in a prestigious college’s journalism program- you need to do better than thousands of other applicants. So it would be best, if you start the preparation early during high School.

Tips to prepare during high school to enter the Journalism Major

  • Develop your writing skill – During high school, practice putting your thoughts into paper. Whether you work for a print, electronic, or wire service- a piece of good report which shows- in-depth understanding of the subject, sharp analytical skill and lucid language, is expected from journalism major. It would be better, if you attend some creative writing workshops or classes during your off-period.

  • Gain knowledge in Advanced English – Opt for advanced English Courses cause it’s required from a journalist to write error-free stories, headlines or copy – depending on your field of work as a journalist. So start reading fictions, non-fictions, magazines, newspapers- whatever is available in your school library and build an understanding in vocabulary and grammar.

  • Write for school magazine / student newspaper –  it’s important to have some hands-on experience while you are still in High School. So try to grab a place in your school magazine team. Write for them. Do intensive research on your topic. Take interviews of people outside your school premise. Make video clips and upload them in YouTube.

  • Increase your number crunching power - One can think that there is no need of math and statistics for a journalism major. But in this rapidly changing world of journalism, journalists are increasingly required to interpret data, statistical tools and methods; even if not like a pro. So attend you math classes regularly and know your numbers.

  • Get some internship – Don’t mind even if it’s an unpaid internship. The experience you gather will be priceless. Besides, you get to meet lots of people and make useful contacts for future.

  • Make a portfolio - Once you have enough clips or copies of your published articles, make a portfolio. If you have video clips of your work, you can build a video blog in YouTube which could be another fantastic idea to promote your talent and useful for your job interviews.

  • Get a good grade - Don’t neglect your study and try to earn as many grades as you can, in your high school tests. Remember, there are many out there who are vying for your dream college and that coveted seat, too. To beat them, a good grade will make life easier for you.

  • Participate in extracurricular activities – Take part in school debates or quiz competitions. Volunteer in social works or community services and socialize at them. Though you will study journalism theories in classroom, but the real work happens outside of it.

  • Learn a foreign language – Learning a foreign language can increase your chances to crack your dream college admission process. Besides, many media companies have headquarters in places like Europe, Asia or Africa. In that case, knowing another language will enhance your chance of travel-on-assignments.
You have to be focused in both- your freshman and sophomore year. It’s a long road ahead but worth traveling.
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