Languages and Literature Major in the USA

Languages and Literature have been a favorite choice for majors in Arts and Humanities. In this section we will present the highlights of what you could be looking forward to when you choose Languages and Literature as part of your majors. An in depth information is compiled about what preparations are required- right from the start, going on to what are the best grad schools which offer this major.

In order to understand this major we need to look at a little more exhaustive details about the following aspects while choosing Languages and Literature as college major program:

Why choose Languages and Literature Major?

Innumerable and Exciting Career Choices

If you have an interest in languages you might want to consider going for this major as it holds bright career opportunities in various fields. The scope of this major like most Liberal Arts and Humanities majors is not limited. You could be employed in many different industries as communication experts, translators, content writers and also go beyond the conventional roles of teaching to becoming media experts and script writers. This is also the foundation to media and journalism roles which are becoming increasingly popular.

Gain More Knowledge and Information

When you study Languages and Literature you also study about the history of Language and Literature. You are exposed to different subjects which enhances your knowledge about the world. The literary masterpieces do not just become some fictional piece of work but they are presented to you with the background information about the economic and social conditions of that era in which that piece was written and languages are no exception to this rule as well, each language has its own story as to how it flourished and grew.

Growing Importance for Communication and Languages

The ability to communicate is sought after expertise in every society. There is a growing need for people who can communicate better either by their skills in writing or by verbal means. The demand  for communicator is so high that there is a huge deficit in the market for good linguists and writers.

Exciting Careers in Translation and Journalism

The scope of this major are not limited contrary to popular beliefs that those who take up Language and Literature end up as teachers; there are also exciting careers today like translation and Journalism, content and creative writers that you can look forward to. You can choose and specialize in a foreign language which will enable you to act as a translator for various industries and individuals; you may also end up translating for the government.

If you are ready for a strong foundation to your career in communication, journalism, translation, teaching etc., then starting here would be the right thing to do. Be sure to browse through our pages which will help you get  an in depth information about what it takes to get into the best grad schools while aiming for a career in Languages and Literature and what are the skills you needed to work on.
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