General Studies Major in USA

Majoring in General Studies will allow you to have versatility and control over what you study. In General Studies under Arts and Humanities you will be able to choose from a plethora of classes and studies which is suitable to your interests and to your convenience. This section gives information on the benefits you would derive from choosing such a course. Make the informed choice and select the best grad schools by understanding the skills required for succeeding in such this major.

Why Choose General Studies as your Major?

A Lot of Flexibility
You will be able to build your own degree based on your own interests and future career goals. The number of minors that you can add up varies from campus to campus and they also come along with certifications for each minor that you choose. This major gives you a chance to build your study based on your interest, so you can be as flexible as you want in your studies in this major.

Enjoy the Convenience
You can enjoy the convenience that comes with pursuing general studies as a major. There are many campuses which have either part-time or full-time classes along with online classes so you can pursue your major with ease. This only helps you get that much closer to your graduate degree.

Stand Out From The Crowd
When you pursue a degree in general studies, you are literally creating your own path. Not only are you choosing what to study but by doing so you are showing responsibility. This will make your resume stand out when you apply for any job. Employers look for self-motivated individuals who are well rounded and take the initiative to do things, this will clearly be seen when you choose to major in general studies.

World of Opportunities
Although this major is diverse and flexible it does have a significant amount of appreciation among the employers. There are opportunities ranging from business management to teaching, law and government to healthcare and from real estate to social service, etc. Along with a lot of opportunities to choose from, you can also be employed in other countries based on your minors. If someone wishes to work for the government, it would be very wise to study more than one subject according to the future goals. This major can prove to be a worthy asset in jobs which require multiple certifications as well.
In order to become a graduate it is important to stay focused and if there are no courses which appeal to your interest it is very likely that you will loose focus. The general study major is in fact created for the very purpose which enables a student to complete his or her graduation. Feel free to browse more topics on these sections for more clarity in though regarding this and other majors in arts and humanities. Remember that staying focused on your goal is the key to a successful degree. Good Luck!!

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