High School Prep for Humanities Major in the USA

Humanities is the study of what it is like to be human, in other words when one studies any of the humanities they are in fact studying about either the evolution of human civilization’s or about their beliefs or thought processes, history also deals with the phenomenon and events that have helped shaped human civilization as a whole. Therefore, the study of these humanities is ideal for someone who appreciates these things in general. There are some skills and abilities which require nurturing from way back as high school while pursuing any of the humanities and in this section you will read about some of them, but as said earlier it is important for one to appreciate the major one chooses.

Deciding a major could be tricky. Let’s make this easier! If you find any of these points interesting then you will surely be happy and have an aptitude to pursue a major in humanities:
If you are a part of your school’s social outreach program-you may enjoy a major in humanities. Given the nature of this activity, you can specialize in any of the humanities and narrow down your career as you may seem fit with social organizations around the country and the globe.

If you enjoy learning new things out of your curriculum- When you feel that there are more things to learn out there then your curriculum about social institutions, religion or just about random ideas and ideologies then a major in humanities should be something that will interest you.

If you are passionate about politics, law, religion or a revolutionary thought- For a career with the government, with the law or into religion, humanities is the major to sign up for. What you learn in humanities will be helpful in your career growth and will help you make informed decisions in your career in the future. If revolutionary thoughts like Marxism, socialism inspire and interest you, then humanities should be your major.

There are certain qualities along with the general appreciation for humanities which will help you enhance your studies and also refine your ability to succeed in the future. These abilities should be cultivated right from high school so that you can stand out from the crowd while you pursue your majors:
Know what’s happening around the world
 It is important to know about the events of the world and what events shape history as we speak. This is an important part of the curriculum in any of the humanity subjects.
Learn to question
When you are pursuing a major in humanities it is very important to develop the ability of questioning. It is imperative to question not only what happens around you but also what happens around the world. This ability to question will help you unlock more doors than you think.

Communication and Learning to listen
While pursuing any major in humanity it is important to communicate regarding the things you learn not only with your class but also with people you around you because this will help you gain different perspectives about the studies. Also listening is a very important skill that one should nurture before pursuing humanities because this will again help you know different perspectives.

Studying humanities makes a person well rounded not only in the curriculum but also the way in which one approaches life; therefore, they are preferred by the employers as well. Make sure you check out other sections of Arts and Humanities so you can make a better and informed choice regarding your majors.  Also check out the college planning section and top careers. We hope you found this information useful. Good Luck!!

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