Religion as Major USA

A person who chooses to major in religion is not necessarily going to end up in a career which mandates him or her join a religious path. There are many opportunities for any person who chooses to major or minor in religion which is not distinctly directed to the religious missions or a life of priesthood. In this section we will deal with the subject of Religion as a part of the Arts and Humanities category. Here you will find expert advice on how to prep for grad schools and also which grad school is the best suitable one for this major. You will also find tips on what qualities and skills you would require to gain entry into the major and succeed further in your career.

Why Choose Major In Religion?

Wide Scope for Jobs In the Future
When majoring in religion you can bet that there is a wide array of jobs waiting for you in the long run. From roles ranging from being diplomatic ambassadors to communication specialists for the government and from being involved with the Peace Corps to marketing and management, the opportunities are endless.

Learning Cross Cultural Communication
Religion plays a major role in the shaping of a culture. It is also one of the most distinctive factors which shapes the government policies and colors the mindsets of the people and this includes both religious nations and secular ones. The application of the thought process in people is shaped by the presence of religion or the lack of it, thus it is important that while communicating across cultures one understands the religious sentiments of another which will only help in easing the process and bringing out a more positive result.

Triggers Empathy and Positive Results
The learning of comparative religions triggers empathy in an individual wherein he or she can understand the situation and the mindset of the other person. This is very helpful while having cross cultural talks or a meeting with member nations as there is an atmosphere of goodwill which is created by the understanding.

Get To Impress Your Employer
A person holding this degree will no doubt be proficient in writing and critical thinking because with the study of various religions comes the ability to question. Therefore, when a company would look at your resume they will surely be interested to know more about your major. This will open up a topic for discussion which you could use to impress your potential employers both through your knowledge and interpersonal skills.

Studying world religion will not necessarily make you more spiritual or take you on a religious path but it is a more critical and comprehensive study of various religions around the world for the sole purpose of understanding human nature in terms of faith and belief. Be sure to check out more from the Arts and Humanities section so that you can decide easily which major to choose from. Be sure to check out the links which will give you detailed information about the major. Good Luck!!

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