Major in Nuclear Engineering - An Overview

Nuclear engineering is the discipline of engineering that deals with the science and application of nuclear and radiation processes. Nuclear engineering is the area of engineering concerned with the breakdown and fusion of atomic nuclei, based on the principles of nuclear physics. Nuclear engineering is concerned with the scientific discipline of nuclear processes and their application to the development of various technologies.

Nuclear engineers are at the forefront of researching and developing the processes used to obtain benefits from nuclear energy and radiation. They design, develop, monitor, and operate nuclear plants used to generate power. 

Nuclear engineers are therefore concerned with maintaining expertise in the design and development of advanced fission reactors, performing basic and applied research in the development and ultimate commercialization of fusion energy, developing both institutional and technical options for radioactive waste and nuclear materials management, and in fostering research in nuclear science and applications, with emphasis on bioengineering, detection and instrumentation and environmental science.

Nuclear engineering is thus inherently a multifaceted discipline, relying on several branches of physics, and, it relies to a large extent on modeling and simulation for the design and analysis of complex systems that are too large and expensive to be tested.

Nuclear engineers are those significant professionals who make this world a better place to live in for the mankind by harnessing the power of the atom and making it useful through transferring energy to power houses and businesses without producing greenhouse gases. They apply their expertise of mathematics, physics, and engineering to tackle several social and environmental issues by deriving benefits from nuclear energy and radiation.

Nuclear Engineering is a career that is fulfilling and innovative and the work is critical to the functioning of the economic system. All you need is right preparation and guidance right from high school. 

We at have prepared a section on guidance required to choose majors from high school, college prep to take up a career as a Nuclear Engineer. Take a look at all our articles on Nuclear Engineering Major prep guide.

Reasons to go for Nuclear Engineering

Varied Employment Paths

Nuclear engineers work in offices, research laboratories, and power plant control centers, either on land or aboard nuclear-powered ships and submarines. Employment in nuclear engineering is divided equally between the Federal Government, utilities companies, and the research and testing units of defense and engineering companies. Nuclear engineers will be needed to work in defense-related areas, to develop nuclear medical technology, and to improve and enforce waste management and safety standards. Working for the government and private research firms, nuclear engineers develop technologies that generate nuclear power and devices used in the medical field that scan bodies, making early detection of cancer and other diseases possible. Possible careers include the following:
  • Nuclear waste manager
  • Medical equipment designer
  • Service company consultant
  • Nuclear power systems designer
In addition to the nuclear power industry, nuclear engineers also find employment in other sectors, such as in medical equipment manufacturing, engineering and construction firms, national laboratories, research facilities, and consulting firms.

Lavish Pay

Studying Nuclear Engineering as major provide ample job offers and high salaries.  The median annual wage for nuclear engineers is approximately $104,270.

Job Outlook

Employment of nuclear engineers is projected to grow as fast as the average for all occupations.Nuclear engineers will always be in demand as we look at ways to develop new energy sources. The applications of nuclear technology form a huge, multi-billion-dollar business in the United States. Environmental concerns mandate that new and cleaner energy sources be explored, and the medical industry is constantly seeking advancements. Your Nuclear Engineering major may lead you to make discoveries that could truly alter the world.

The study of this discipline makes our life simpler, smarter and safer. The nuclear engineering industry has made amazing advancements, largely thanks to the engineers and scientists behind the developments of new procedures, social systems and structures and technologies.
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