University Education System in United States

USA higher education enjoys academic leadership,known for its flexibility and offers a wide variety of paths to the degree and career.  United States is a home to the largest number of top ranking higher education institutions in the world. The choice of study and research in different subject areas, strong government funding has helped the universities and colleges in United States achieve the laurels and made them world’s the most prestigious and sought after education hub.

The US Higher education system offers some of the world’s best and cutting-edge programs. It is also home to some of the world’s best universities like Harvard University, Princeton University, Yale University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Post-secondary education in the US is followed by college or university education and consists of four years of study in higher education institution. The US education system requires a student to complete 12 years of education before being eligible for university or college. Besides, this standardized tests are required for different degree programs.

Public and Private Universities
Universities in the US are either publicly supported schools or privately funded schools. The state colleges and universities are usually publicly supported schools which receive most of the funds from the states. The private schools on the other hand do not receive any state or federal support but funds from benefactors in the private sector.

Academic Year
Depending on the university, the academic year starts sometime from late August to mid-September. There are two major years in each academic year – Fall and Spring and there are 16 or 17 weeks of study in each semester.

US Credit System
Course work is measured in units or credit hours. A credit is a unit of study.Generally, a class that meets for three hours of lectures or discussion a week carries three units of credit. credit – one hour of undergraduate credit means one hour of lecture and two hours of homework, whereas one hour of graduate credit means one hour of lecture and five hours of homework. An average class-load at the bachelor’s degree level is about 15 units per semester, which means about 45 hours of attendance and study are expected each week. At the graduate level the average class-load is about nine units per semester, so about 54 hours of attendance and study are expected each week.

US Degrees
Universities in the US offer a four year degree called  a bachelors degree in a specific course of study. Students who have obtained a bachelor’s degree can continue their education by pursuing a master’s degree. For details on various degrees offered by US Universities, click here.

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