USA Career Guide - Announcer

Education Requirement of an Announcer in USA

  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Those with a formal education in journalism, broadcasting, or mass communications and with hands-on work experience at a radio or television network will have better job prospects. Students can specialize in Media Studies, Speech and Marketing.
  • Public address announcers: High School Diploma
  • Television and Radio Announcer: Bachelor’s degree in programs such as communications, broadcasting, or journalism
  • Standardized Tests: ACT and SAT especially for international students

Work Experience:
Work experience is not essential but some kind of exposure of addressing the public, interviewing guests or hosting college shows gives you an added advantage. Previous coursework in journalism, speech and the theater arts can be beneficial.

Pursuing hobbies like music, sports, drama and knowledge of foreign language at the high school or college level will be additional assets.

Students may gain valuable experience at campus radio or TV facilities and at commercial stations while serving as interns.

Training of Announcers in the US

Public address systems and other announcers typically need short-term on-the-job training upon being hired. This training allows announcers to become familiar with the equipment they will be using during sporting and entertainment events. For sports public address announcers, training may also cover basic rules and information for the sports they are covering.

Industry Overview

Though slower than the average for all occupations, employment of radio and television announcers is projected to grow by 7 percent from 2010 to 2020. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States Department of Labor).

Technology has helped to increase the productivity of radio and television announcers and reduce the time required to edit material or do other off-air technical and production work. For example, radio stations use voice-tracking or “cyber jockeying,” which helps radio announcers to pre-record their segments rather than air them live. As a result importance of a live radio announcer is diminishing.
Despite this, the increase of national news and satellite stations may increase the demand for more local radio and television stations in the US. Importance of local stations have created a demand for local announcers who aware of the demographics of the region.

Demand for public address announcers will however, remain stable. Public address announcers will continue to inform customers of important information or provide entertainment for special events.

Percent change in employment, projected 2010-20
  • Announcers 7%
  • Radio and Television Announcers 7%
  • Public Address System and Other Announcers 5%
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employment Projections program)

Pay of an Announcer in the US

Median annual wages, May 2010

  • Public Address System and Other Announcers: $27,910
  • Announcers: $27,010
  • Radio and Television Announcers: $26,850

(Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States Department of Labor)

Job Prospects of an Announcer in the US

News presenters or anchors
News presenters or anchors usually work in large stations and present news, weather or sports update. News presenters can be either television announcer or radio announcer. They even contribute to the content of the show by doing research or providing the producers with the latest facts and stats.

Talk Show hosts
Talk Show hosts work in radio, television or in live events. He/She moderates the event. A talk show host needs to have interest and adequate knowledge on topics he or she is discussing. Topics in talk shows can range from politics to sports, entertainment to finance, social issues to political issues.

Disc Jockeys/Video Jockeys
Disc Jockeys or DJs present music for radio stations. They take requests from listeners and play their favorite songs. While on air, they also discuss various topics and engage in meaningful debates. At times, they also manage guests and take their interview. Party DJs are hired especially for birthday parties and corporate events who keep the party alive and kicking. A similar role is played by video jockeys or VJs on television.

Public address system announcers

Public address system announcers provide information to the audience at sporting events performing arts, and other events. Many act as master of ceremonies or disc jockeys at weddings and parties. They also present information or announcements, such as train schedules or security precautions.

Emcees are also announcers who host planned events. They introduce speakers or performers to the audience. They act as a guide and are at the center of each event helping the speakers to coordinate among themselves.
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