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Selecting the right career for you is a very important part of College Planning. A career is one where your interests merge with your skills, where your qualifications match with your job profile. Therefore, choosing your career is not only a difficult task but serious one as well. USAeducation.info has brought together plethora of career options for you to explore and which will help you in making informed decision.

Career choice should not be a hurried process. It should be a well thought out plan. While exploring career choices you should keep the following factors in

Interests: Choose a career that you love, not just for employment opportunity. This should be a self analysis rather than somebody dictating terms to you. Are you a creative person? Then a career in writing, designing or photography or filming should interest you. If you enjoy playing with numbers, then you should choose your college major accordingly. You should choose subjects like finance, business and chartered accountancy. If you are an outdoor person, a career in sports would be an ideal one for you.

Qualifications: Try to choose your career according to your qualifications. Your college degree should help you match your career. A student armed with management degree should try for managerial jobs while a computer engineer should opt for jobs related to his or her degree. So, make an informed decision while choosing your major in college.

Skills: While choosing your career you should keep in mind the important skill sets needed for a career. Are you a team player? Are you good at organizing documents? Do you like to interact with people across all age groups, caste and creed?  Is language your strong hold or numbers? Are you good at analyzing or writing? Understand your skill sets before making your career decision. If you like to solve mathematical problems but you take up a career in creative writing, chances of your success in this career will slow down.

Personality: If you are an introvert, you should choose career options suitable with your personality. An introvert usually enjoys working on his own without much of a team. You can work as a writer or computer programmer where you would be working independently without much team work. On the other hand, if you are an outdoor person, careers in sports, management or public relations would suit you.

The other important factor which you can consider before making your career decision is earning potential of the career. A career other than matching your skills and interests should enable you to survive in this tough competitive world.
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