Reasons for Homeschooling

Learning should never stop. After a certain age say 2 years or little above schooling a child is much important as nutrition for her physical growth. But at times owing to various circumstances parents find it difficult to send a child to school. This is where homeschooling helps. Here given some of the common reasons why parents chose to Homeschooling in the USA:

Distance to school: One of the most important reasons why families especially living in Alaska opt for homeschooling is the distance a child has to travel to go to the local school. Sometimes students living in sparsely populated areas have to travel 40 miles to reach school.

Medical condition: Long drawn illness prevent children from attending regular school. These children need personal attention and it would be great if they are homeschooled under the care of their parents.

Advanced Students: Some children are gifted. They are too advanced for their class and might find themselves a misfit. Some parents put their children in a grade above their age but it opens the kid to other problems like bullying. Homeschooling is a wonderful idea for such gifted children who can learn as fast as they can.

Slow children:
Most schools fail to handle kids who are slow in learning. They are either put in a grade lower than their age or are asked to put in special needs school. Such kids can do wonders if they are home schooled. 

Religious Conviction: Many parents prefer their children being brought up within their religious boundary. They prefer their children taking regular classes in religious scriptures. Parents opt for homeschooling in the US especially if they come from a minority section.

School Environment: One of the dominant reasons among today’s parents to home school their child is the school environment. Be it school violence or 4th graders imitating MTV stars; school environment is something to watch out for. Some parents do not feel safe to send their children to school. Such parents also prefer home schooling for their little ones.
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