GPA: Grade Point Average

GPA is the grading system used in the colleges and universities of the US. As a student you complete your degree with a grade point average or a GPA. Most universities use a GPA scale of 4.0. It is a quantitative figure representing a student’s accumulated grades.

What are the different grades?

The grades are A, B, C, and D. A is the highest grade with 4 points, B with 3, C with 2 and D with 1 point. F is assigned to a student, if he fails in a particular subject.

Calculating GPA

To work out your GPA, take the numerical value assigned to the letter grade you achieve for each course and then multiply this number by the number of credits each course is worth. Finally, add these numbers together and divide by the total number of credits for all courses. For example:

Letter GradeNumerical ValueNumber of CreditsTotal

GPA in the above example is: 30 divided by 10 = 3.0 GPA

Foreign Grading Scales

The following is a sample list of grading scales from selected countries which is useful for comparison :

Country GPA Equivalent to a U.S. "B"
Brazil 7/10, 75/100, 4.0/5.0
Chile 70/100, 5/7, 4.0/5.0
China (Mainland) 80/100, 4.0/5.0, 12/20, 60%
Colombia 3.8/5.0
France 2.5/4.0, 12/20, 60%
60% and/or a degree award of First Class
4.0/5.0 required when 40% = C
4.25/5.0 required when 50% = C
4.5/5.0 required when 60% = C
Jordan 80/100
Korea 4.0/5.0, 3.0/4.5, 3.0/4.3, 80%
Mexico 8/10, 80/100
People's Republic of China 80/100, 4.0/5.0, "Good"
Saudi Arabia
80/100, 3.0/4.0, 4.0/5.0, "Very Good"
Taiwan 79/100, 4.5/5.0
United Kingdom
60% and/or a degree award of
Second Class Upper Division
West Germany 2.5/1.0 (inverted scale where 5 = failing), Befriedigend

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