Tips for Choosing Preschool

Its time for the apple of your eye to join preschool. You are anxious and at the same time worried.  How would your little one adjust or is the school you are choosing good enough. So far you have given the best to your child and now want the best preschool.

Preschools are school that teach children basic etiquette, sharing habits, interaction and many more skills before they enter the formal schools. Since this being your child's first ever classroom experience, you have to be extra cautious.

For choosing the preschool, the few factors that need to be taken into consideration are:
  • Duration of the school
  • Curriculum
  • Fees
  • Teachers
  • Safety
  • Traveling time and distance.
  • Academics
  • Nutrition
  • Philosophy
While choosing the preschool, it is important that you keep in mind you child's age, mental status and nature. Do a thorough research -internet, referrals from friends and magazines. If your child goes to daycare center, the teachers at the daycare center will be able to guide you.

Make a list of the schools, write pros and cons depending upon the above criteria. Once you have decided the school, next thing is to call the school(s), and inquire about few things. The areas that are to be researched for:
  • What is the teacher-student ratio?
  • Do research on the background of the school.
  • If possible, visit the school during working hours to get an idea of the daily routine.
  • Talk to the teacher and the school's director
  • Extracurricular Activities offered.
  • Before- and after-school care program, is important in case of working parents.
  • And lastly, you know your child, so as a parent you are the best judge.
Choosing a preschool can be quite difficult but at the same time it can be exciting. The fact that your little one is ready to step outside can be scary at times. But with careful and thoughtful approach you can conquer your fears and help your child to grow in an happy and healthy environment.

For your child a school should be a place that makes him/her feel enthusiastic and positive about learning new skills and ideas. When going to school your child should be excited and full of energy, where he/she is encouraged for doing activities and is free to explore new opportunities and is treated as an individual.

This all is possible, just a little effort from your end and it will be a place where your child will be happy to go!
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