Preparation from High School

Industrial Engineering involves analyzing, evaluating and improving methods of production to decide how a business should use its resources, such as equipment, labor and energy. To embark upon this field, high school preparation is the foremost step.

High School Industrial Engineering aspirants should take as many math and science courses as possible, both during school and as part of after-school programs. Industrial engineering requires an extremely high level of science and math ability. Along with courses, standardized test preparation is also mandatory. Industrial Engineering admission has standardized test as one of the criterion. So, it is crucial to complete high school with the appropriate courses, strong grades and good score in entrance exams.

Pre-requisites for Industrial Engineering Major

High School Preparation

Core academic subjects to be studied at high school include English (4units), mathematics including algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus and geometry; 2 units of natural science (physics and chemistry recommended); and Foreign language.

Computer courses prior to the freshman year in industrial engineering are also highly recommended.  Students should also consider taking advanced algebra, chemistry, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, physics, building, design, and engineering concept courses.

Summer Programs and Internships

There are several lessons and activities, and projects and competitions that can help provide students with an interest in engineering first-hand exposure to industrial engineering principals and concepts. By participating in such activities and competitions at the high school level, students get better understanding of the field and its impact on the society and people. They’ll be better able to decide if Industrial engineering is the career path for them by sharing their interests with others, and experiencing hands-on application of Industrial Engineering.


- Communication Skills- Industrial engineering calls for good communication skills as they have to present their plans in the form of written reports or oral presentations.

- Problem Solving Approach- Students at the high school level must work on their approach to handle situations. They must be good at solving problems. Also, should seek technical knowledge at this level. They must learn to combine their technical knowledge with a sense of human capabilities and limitations.

- Detail Oriented- They should be able to organize many details into a broad view. Although much of the work of industrial engineers is done independently, but they must be able to cooperate with other engineers, technicians, and managers. They must be able to talk with production workers and others, and be willing to understand their concerns. So, students should focus on enhancing their people management skills.
Therefore, students right from high school should posses and drudge on developing these skills.

The applicants must take standardized test to enter undergrad and graduate courses in the USA. Standardized tests act as a yardstick for educators to evaluate students and their performance. So, its preparation must be started from the junior year of your high school. Standardized test scores of ACT or SAT are vital for assessing an applicant to Industrial Engineering. IELTS TOEFL is required for international students and all other aspirants whose native language is not English. Also, SAT Math and one of the Chemistry or Physics are critical for evaluation. Students should focus on these sections particularly in order to get a seat in college of your choice.

Activities and Achievements

Scores alone are not sufficient to get in the best Industrial engineering school. They do not provide the complete picture of the applicant’s potential. The activities apart from studies are also the source to get in. Activities and achievements give opportunity to show your strengths, passion, dedication, leadership and abilities. Achievements and awards are the recognition of your ability to excel while activities show your commitment and creativeness; which are characteristics of an all-rounder personality. Listing your activities and achievements will add weight to your admission.

High School Records

Your high school records, which demonstrate your high school grades, classes and GPA, will most likely be the first piece of information a college admissions officer will go over. This complete record of your coursework, grades and credits provides concrete evidence of whether you're prepared to go to a particular college or not. When planning for college, you must keep this in mind as you take classes, study and later get grades -the work you put into it will directly impact your ability to get into colleges. So, focus on high school courses and make your base strong.

Industrial engineering is a versatile field and allows for many specialized paths. With all these preparations if commenced from high school, you can surely see yourself in one of those specialized paths. These preparation tips will make it easy for you “to hit the ground running”.
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