ACT- An Overview

Facts and Important  Dates about ACT

Below are the important  dates and facts about ACT( American College Testing)  Exam:
  • Frequency: 6 times a year at 6 centers in the US. And 5 times at other locations.

  • Duration: 4 hours( writing ) or 41/2 (if you write the essay).

  • Sections: English, math, reading, science and writing(optional)

  • Max score: 36

  • Register online:

         Test Dates (2013-2014)

 Test Date
 September 21, 2013
 October 26, 2013
 December 14, 2013
 February 8, 2014
 April 12, 2014
 June 14, 2014

ACT Fees

There is Test fee as per test option:
ACT (No Writing)- It includes reports for you, your high school, and up to four college choices
ACT Plus Writing- It includes reports for you, your high school, and up to four college choices and refundable fee if you are absent at the day of the test. For latest Test Fee and waiver click here.

Format of ACT

ACT is conducted to measure students’ academic preparedness to make successful transitions to college and work after high school. ACT test comprises questions on  four subjects: English, mathematics, reading, and science and is divided in two sections. There is a writing test , which is optional.

•    Multiple Choice Questions, and
•    Writing Test

The Writing Test is a 30-minute essay test, is to assess the writing skills of the student.


 No. Of Questions
 English 45 75
 60 60
 Reading 35 40
 Science 35 40
 Writing (Optional)
 30 One

Physically handicapped students

Students with special needs are provided with special provisions like:
  • Standard Time ( accommodations included)
  • Extended Time (50% more time).
  • Students who are permitted for taking the test (No Writing) are given up to 5 hours more to take the test.
  • Students who are permitted for taking the test (Writing) are given up to 5 hours more to take the test.
  • Both options include breaks in between the test(s).
  • Special Case: Taking the test in school in different formats or with more time.

ACT Score

The ACT exam score depends on the cumulative score of the four sections ( English, Math, Reading, and Science). To get the scores, ACT uses a particular format, as explained below:
Scoring pattern in Multiple Choice Questions:

One point for each correct answer( your all the total correct answers is called "Raw Score")

Once you have the raw score, then it is converted into a scaled score.

The total ACT score is the average of the students' scaled scores for the four test sections.

No Negative Marking for incorrect or unanswered question.

Scoring pattern in Written test(written test is optional)

For a fair marking, two readers score each student’s writing test. If the two readers’ scores differ by more than one point, a third reader is appointed to mark the essay.

A student’s English score and writing sub-score are scaled to give a student’s combined English/writing score. The writing sub-score combined with the English/writing score do not affect a student’s composite ACT score. Instead, they appear separately on a student’s score card.

Receiving the score:
The score can be viewed online within 2-3weeks of appearing for the test.
Sending the scores to college:Different colleges practice different procedures for accepting the scores. The best way is to contact the college directly  for their preferences.

For more information, one can also contact at the below mentioned address

ACT Records
301 ACT Drive
P.O. Box 451
Iowa City, IA 52243-0451
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