Major in Architecture Engineering - An Overview

Architectural engineering, also known as building engineering, is the engineering discipline of building design and construction. The field applies engineering principles and technology to design and construction of building and other structures. Architectural engineering is the visualization of building blocks, in terms of functionality and aesthetic layout. In architectural engineering, the spotlight is on the systems used to construct new buildings or refurbish older ones.

This area of study overwhelms you with opportunities to learn and grow. It is an apt career for those who have keen interest in designing and constructing buildings or other structures along with sound engineering and visualization skills.

Architectural Engineer may also refer to as:

  • An engineer in the structural, mechanical, electrical, construction or other engineering studies of building design and construction.

  • A licensed engineering professional in parts of the United States.
Architectural engineering is highly competitive multi-disciplinarian field that requires designing the aesthetics, functionalities and spatial details of a building -the building’s size, shape, space utilization, and site requirements. Architectural engineers are responsible for designing the systems of a building - structural systems to transmit forces to the ground; systems for efficient indoor energy use and safe air quality; and systems for the assessment of cost effectiveness.

Architectural engineering focuses on the engineering aspects of buildings. Architectural engineers design and construct facilities that enhance the standard of living and quality of life of the masses. They do this by combining building systems – structural, electrical, mechanical, lighting, acoustics and fire protection - into an integrated whole. They are creative problem solvers meeting the challenges of energy needs, building systems, urban development, and community planning. The study of architectural engineering is a collaborative one. Architectural engineers work with other engineers to design and construct buildings that reflect the architect’s creative vision.

Why Architectural Engineering?

High Remunerated Jobs
Studying architectural engineering opens many job opportunities with good salary. The average yearly pay of an architectural engineer in the USA is approximately USD 90K or above. Besides, in this field, individuals practicing through their own firm could earn a fortune.

High Employment Rate
With increasing growth in industrial and economic activities, there exists wide employment opportunities for architects, both in the public and private sectors.  Employment of architects is expected to grow according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Current demographic trends will result in a greater need for architects. Their skills and expertise are becoming increasingly valuable and in demand.

Career Opportunities and Choices

The primary job of an architect is to design and execute the plan for construction of any building or area. The architect is the overall in charge of construction- the responsibility begins right from the designing and planning of the structure until the same is erected.  Architects are the actual creators of amazing buildings and structures. Skyscrapers in cities would not have been possible without them.

The qualified architect can work with government organizations, housing and urban development corporations, city development authorities, etc. They are also employed in industrial ventures, consultancy and private architectural firms, teaching institutions, real estate development firms, non-profit organizations etc. The most privileged scope in the field of architecture is private practice. Architects working independently have ample scope in terms of earnings. Most of the jobs in USA in architecture come from private sector real estate developers who are looking to carve a niche with the help of design and planning.

With architectural engineering, one can opt for the following job titles:

Architects are licensed to practice architecture. An architect either can work independently or for some architecture company or real estate development firm.

Architecture Designer:
Architecture designers are the professionals who are involved in designing houses and other small buildings. However, these are not registered like an architect but perform various chores such as designing buildings, designing light-frame buildings including of family homes, agricultural buildings, and so on.

Architecture Engineer:
These professionals have dual qualifications of an architect and a civil engineer. Bestowed with the responsibility to provide the services of an architect and engineer, such professionals have attractive demand in the job market.

Many roads can lead to a money-spinning future in architectural engineering, despite stiff competition. The current trend suggests that it is bound to grow very rapidly in the coming years. The growth prospects are quite high of this discipline.
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