Medical Health Insurance for Students in the US

All international students are required to have medical insurance for the duration of their studies in the United States. Insurance covers major medical illnesses and injuries. You must consider for health insurance policy when planning to join a US College. It is fine, if you already have an insurance plan, which covers expenses during your stay in the US like medical care etc, if need arises. If not then you have to buy one, as you may need it at some point of time.

Many of the college in the US have designed student health insurance plans to cover your emergency need. In addition, student health insurance plan designed to meet your visa requirements. However, you can opt for an insurance plan offered through your college or some other agency. When buying plan from elsewhere, you have to submit proof of insurance plan papers to college. Browse your college website to know details of student health insurance plans.

The system in the States is one of the best and most expensive in the world. Quality health care is available everywhere in the country from a variety of sources. The key lies in knowing the proper procedures and knowing where to go for specific kinds of care. This knowledge can save an international student significant amounts of time and money.Because health care for a major accident or illness can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, most Americans have health insurance to minimize the costs.

Many colleges and universities have their own health insurance plans for their students. According to a recent independent study, larger U.S. schools tend to have better international student insurance programs than smaller schools. Participation in the plan is often mandatory, especially for non-U.S. students. But if you need to take individual plan for health insurance first explore the market and educate yourself with all the terms and terminologies of the travel insurance cover that will help you to avail the best insurance.

Tips for Heath Insurance for Students
  • Certainly check what is included in your insurance policy but most importantly, check what is EXCLUDED from your travel insurance policy.
  •  Research the area you are going to. What is the weather likely to be like? Is there any danger of hurricanes or tropical storms? Floods? How about Mosquito borne disease? What is the crime rate like? Whatever the perceived dangers your research uncovers then make sure that your travel insurance covers you for that eventuality.

  • Discuss Your Existing Medical Conditions and Requirements - You need to carefully assess your likely medical requirements and make sure that these are declared to the insurance company.

  • Motor Driving Insurance- If you intend to drive make sure that you are adequately covered. Many hire companies charge astronomic excesses in case of an accident. Make sure that you insured for that excess.
FAQs on Medical Insurance

How do I enroll in my school's group insurance plan?

If you are enrolled in a school that has a group-sponsored plan, your advisor or administrator will handle your enrollment. You will receive an Identification Card with an insurance certificate number in the mail. If you don't receive this card, be sure to speak to your advisor or administrator.

Some schools require that students use a Group Access Code to purchase and enroll in the school's insurance plan. Your school advisor or administrator will provide this access code if it is needed.

Does my school already provide insurance for me?

As noted above, some schools have sponsored group insurance programs with insurance companies. Ask your advisor or administrator to see if your school has sponsored such a plan. If your school has not sponsored a group plan, you can buy individual plans.

I need proof of coverage in order to sign up for my educational travel plans. What can I do?

If you are in a group plan through your school, you will receive your ID card, which is proof of coverage, through the mail. Talk to your advisor or administrator if you haven't received your ID card.

If you purchase an individual (voluntary) plan from insurance  from one of the company website using a valid credit card, you will receive a confirmation email with your proof of coverage information. If you choose to pay for your coverage by check or money order, you will receive an ID card as proof of coverage.
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