How to apply/prepare for the best Grad B-Schools

B-School education at graduate level is a serious business; its essential to prepare and plan everything, we have a complete guide to make the process a little simple.  To be successful applicant at the top grad B school you need to be  persistent, motivated and confident.

It is very important to apply early for management courses. Once you have decided then don’t waste time. Be clear about going to graduate school. It makes no point if you think about it when you have already finished half of your course in the major. If you are serious about getting into a grad school, you need to get mostly A’s or more A’s than B’s in your major.

Writing Skills

Another important skill that you need to develop is flawless writing. Many are blessed with a flair for writing and it makes them easier to complete their projects and assignments easily and interestingly. However, if you lack this talent, it is better that you hone up your writing skills. Work on grammar and language. Take the help of an English tutor if you find it tough. A flawless writing is very important as you will be needed to prepare a presentation and give your written tests.

Research about the subject that you want to major in your course as it will save you from falling in the trouble of getting into a B-level graduate school.

Preparation of Application Parcel

Clearing GMAT might be easy for some, nonetheless, the application process is the most significant one to take care of. There are many documents that you need to file in your application. Find the list of documents and forms below that need to be attached:
  • Application form
  • Application fee
  • Official declaration of Financial Support or grant
  • Proof of English proficiency test (If you are an international student)
  • Detailed essay describing you
  • High School Transcript
  • Admission Test Scores
  • Recommendation Letter


Write a great essay that you might be asked by a grad school. It is critical so be sure to write an influential essay. Your essay should have a strong topic, quality of argumentation, methodology and one that clearly demonstrates that you are ready for graduate level. Pay attention to the required length and the style of the essay.

This is a descriptive introduction about yourself, which gives the evaluator an idea about who you are and why you are choosing a Management course. So, be ready to introduce your two facets, i.e., personal as well as professional. Utilize this space as it gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent.
  • You just do not have to write the autobiography; instead colleges want the students to answer some very specific issues.
  • The student needs to put well the influential moments of his life which have contributed to some kind of transformation.
  • He needs to explain the situations and experiences where he displayed his leadership qualities and handled the challenges. This will explain the evaluators the kind of courage you have to follow the right path.
  • Every student has ambitions and there is a purpose to pursue Management. An applicant is required to inform about his aptitude and future goals that he wants to accomplish.
  • An applicant would need to explain how the Management college is going to help him achieve his ambitions.
  • Evaluators are also keen to know about your personality type. So, little bit description about any funny fact you want to share with the classmates will acquaint them of your characteristics.

Test Scores

Most B schools require you to submit GMAT Test scores. If you are an international student and English is not your native language, you will be required to submit TOEFL score sheet which will prove your competency in the same. See Standardized Tests

Letter of recommendation

The grad schools in the US pay a lot of attention to recommendation letters so be ready with three such letters. These recommended letters could be from tenured faculty of a national repute in the field. Ask him to give you an A. These letters are considered good as they have credibility. However, if you ask for letters from someone who is not known in the same field, it could be troublesome. So it is better you approach a key person from your department to recommend you.

Also when you select the courses, think about building your contacts that will help in the three strong letters. Remember, these recommendation letters are needed during the admission procedure in a grad school.

Extra-curricular Activities

The Admission committee wants to know you beyond academics so don’t forget to highlight how your work experience and extracurricular activities have developed your leadership skills.

Application Deadlines

Educational institutes look up to deadlines under which they accept the application requests. The student has to take the punctual effort and ensure that the application reaches the admission office well on time. Although, applications will be accepted after the described submission date but these applications will get the restricted accessibility to the interview.

Once you get through this paperwork, international students will be required to apply for the student visa.
It is imperative to prepare yourself thoroughly to not miss any important step during the admission procedure. Be confident and clear about the enrollment process.

For exclusive details about GMAT/TOEFL etc see Standardized Tests
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